Best Father’s Day Gifts Ever

You could just get your dad a card or a tie tomorrow. Or, you could give him…



All you have to do is put the Chillsner in the soda or alcoholic beverage, and it cools off the drink for you. Your dad can drink his beer and cool it, too.

Pat Lafrieda–Meat: Everything You Need To Know


If your dad is anything like my dad, he’ll eat this book up. This book contains lots of useful information for the carnivorous foodie, such as recipes, meatpacking stories, and some helpful hints on how to prepare various kinds of meat, such as poultry, veal, and even lamb.



For the fine drink aficionado. This award-winning Japanese brand is fruity with a woody taste mixed in.

Le Labo Discovery Set


Does your dad not like to smell bad? (For the love of God, I hope so.) This “discovery set” of colognes offers five different scents that he can choose each morning depending on his mood.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer-Making Kit


The article where I found this item (and some of the other items I listed) is from, who described the beer that this kit makes as “bitter” and “earthy,” so make sure that’s how your dad likes his beer before giving this to him. This kit contains the necessities for your dad to make his own beer, along with a set of instructions on how to do it.

Hunting Camp Deep Exfoliating Soap


This soap can be purchased at the Portland General Store. This soap contains sandalwood powder to help slough off dead skin cells, as well as natural oils that are good for nourishing skin. At the same time, it’s rough stuff, also containing pumice.

Make Your Own Phaidon Cookbook Set


If your dad is a chef, he will love this cookbook set. He can even go multicultural, because this set includes a cookbook for Thai food, as well as one for Mexican food.

Sedum Terrarium 


Is your dad a gardener? An ecologist? A botanist? Or does he just like the idea of having a mini plant set in a bottle that he can use as a decoration? This kit contains everything needed to create a tiny yard in a bottle. It has not only the seeds and the dirt, but also pebbles that you can lay out. On top of all that, once it’s complete, it requires very little upkeep–just an occasional misting to make sure it gets its water

Funky Chunky Chip-Zel-Pop 


This kickass snack mix contains potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn drizzled with chocolate and caramel. On top of that, the ingredients are all natural, it’s free of high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, and the popcorn is non-GMO. Delicious and nutritious!

60’s Candy Capsule


I know, I know. A lot of this candy can just be bought at a local store, but this “candy capsule” will bring your dad back to the good ol’ days of the 1960s, era of hippies, The Beatles, and nationwide revolutions. For the younger dad, there is also a 70’s Candy Capsule, 80’s Candy Capsule. There’s even a 90’s Candy Capsule for the millennial dad.

Neuhaus Liquor Chocolate


I kid you not. These are Belgian chocolates actually filled with whisky, vodka, and rum. This is basically the ultimate edible dad gift.

Toodaloo Potty Perfume


This is deodorizing spray that you spray in the toilet bowl before going to the bathroom to avoid the embarrassment of someone else walking into the bathroom later and finding out what your insides smell like. It comes in three scents–Fragrant Disregard (white tea lemongrass) Deux Not Disturb (cashmere woods) and Scent and Sensibility (honeysuckle freesia.) But please, if you get this for your dad, do him a favor and give it to him in private. Don’t make him open this up in front of guests–then he’ll be even more embarrassed.

OCD Hand Sanitizer


OCD hand sanitizer from BlueQ. Enough said.

Unbasket Gift Baskets


Although I mentioned this item in a previous post here: I believe that it deserves a mention on this list. There are so many themes of these awesome and creative gift baskets, including a bacon-themed one, a pickle-themed one, and even one that’s Star Wars-themed.

Now, I just have one more message to all dads out there:


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