Five Weird Ways to Relieve a Stuffy Nose

Well, it’s the first day of summer. This month, I was going to write an article about the characters in my novel, but then I got a cold last week (don’t worry, I’m better now.) That inspired me to make a list of unusual ways to clear a stuffy nose.

1. Induce a sneeze


Do remember that making yourself sneeze is probably the most temporary thing on this list. However, it can help get rid of irritants, pathogens, and mucus in your nose. Plus, it feels good. Here are some interesting ways to induce a sneeze:

2. Irrigate your sinuses


It may seem a little gross, but you can go to your local pharmacy and buy nasal spray. Make sure you use this stuff over a sink or a bathtub. Tilt your head to about a 45 degree angle, spray this stuff in one nostril, and let it flow out the other nostril. It provides temporary relief for a stuffy nose, and it also flushes pathogens and allergens out of your sinuses, which could help you get better faster. Just be aware: some nasal sprays are addictive.

3. Hold your breath


I’ve tried this before when I had a cold, and it actually works. I held my breath for about forty-five seconds, for a short amount of time, my nose cleared up. Of course, doing this too much kind of defeats the purpose of trying to clear your nose: so you can breathe. Anyway, if you hold your breath for as long as you can, it’ll provide temporary relief for a stuffy nose. Don’t worry about making yourself suffocate: it’s scientifically impossible to do that, because your brain will naturally make your body take a breath if you hold your breath for too long. Basically, when you hold your breath, your brain realizes that your body is not getting enough oxygen, and it clears up your sinuses for you.

4. You can’t smell yourself, but others can smell you


Try taking a hot shower or bath. Not only does it feel great, but breathing in hot, humid air actually helps clear sinuses. At the same time, the warm air helps to kill the pathogens that may be causing your stuffy nose. Alternatively, you could also use a humidifier. It may not work as strongly, but will provide longer-term relief.

5. The Magical Power of Your Own Hands

Magic Hands

Maybe there’s a placebo effect going on, but I’ve tried acupressure, and it works relatively well on me. However, different peoples’ bodies respond differently to such treatments, and your results may vary. Anyway, pressing the joint between your thumb and forefinger for a couple of minutes may actually reduce any irritation in your nose. You can also massage the area between your eye sockets and your nose for five minutes. These are only a couple of acupressure points to help relieve sinus congestion. More can be found here:

Happy breathing! 


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