The Ten Most Wft Hybrid Animals

Before anyone yells at me for the title of this, or for being disrespectful and partial to different animals, I was emphasizing how surprising some of these hybrids may be to some. If you want to leave me a rude comment, then why are you on WordPress and not Youtube? Yes, Youtube is haven for rude comments, so instead of slamming me, go slam a Youtube video. Thank you.

10. Liger


Pictured above is Hercules the liger, who weighs 922 pounds. Ligers are the result of the mating of a female tiger and a male lion. Ligers are typically larger than either of their parents. Male ligers are infertile, but females may be able to produce offspring if bred back to one of their parent species. As lions’ and tigers’ territories do not overlap, ligers can only be found in captivity. This animal is not to be confused with the tigon, created by breeding a male tiger and female lion. Tigons are smaller than ligers, are more brightly colored, and unlike male ligers, male tigons grow manes.

9. Wolfdog 


A wolfdog is a cross between any purebred or mixed domestic dog and any species of wolf. The one pictured is a Saarloos Wolfdog, which is a cross between a Mackenzie Valley Wolf and a German Shepherd. They are even more unpredictable than wolves due to having natural wild instincts as well as canine inclinations. They are skittish, often difficult to housebreak, prone to aggression, and liable to snap at their owners with little to no provocation. Therefore, wolfdogs are not ideal house pets.

8. Savannah cat


Although TICA (The International Cat Association) has registered the Savannah as a domestic cat breed, it is still technically a hybrid. Savannah cats are larger than standard house cats, because they are a crossbreed between a regular domestic cat and an African Serval. They are usually produced via artificial insemination due to the size difference between a cat and a Serval. Although Savannahs commonly come in spotted gold, like the one pictured above, they come in a marbled pattern, and some are black, snow (which is white with black or clouded spotting or marbling) or a gorgeous silver color. Savannah cats have many interesting (and cute!) quirks, such as their tendency to greet their owners by head-butting them, their inclination to splash water out of their bowls (probably best not to put his bowl over your expensive Turkish rug) and their ability to jump onto high areas due to their longer legs. However, Savannahs are so loyal to their owners that they are comparable to dogs, and unlike the wolfdog mentioned above, they are excellent house pets if you can put up with their idiosyncrasies.

7. Grolar bear


Although many hybrid animals are infertile, the grolar bear, a cross between a grizzly and a polar bear, can easily produce offspring. One specimen shot in the wild was given a DNA test, and it was revealed to be second-generation: one parent of the bear was a grizzly, and the other was a grolar. Another fascinating fact about grolar bears is that they can be more readily found in the wild than most of these hybrids. Some people theorize that global warming is the cause of the increase of wild grolar bears. With the melting ice caps, polar bears are being forced to migrate south and into the territories of grizzly bears.

6. Cama 


Camels have been used as draft animals for a long time: they are large, hardy, and strong. However, camels can also be foul-tempered. Llamas are not as powerful as camels, but they are more affable, and as a bonus, they produce soft wool that can be trimmed and spun into clothes. If only there was something that had the best traits of both camels and llamas! Camel breeders in India thought the same, so through artificial insemination (remember, camels are much bigger than llamas) they managed to create the cama. Camels and llamas are not only related, but they have the same number of chromosomes, so they can produce fertile offspring. That’s right: camas can breed to other camas.

5. Beefalo 


I’m not even joking when I say that in the future, burgers at every fast food chain in America might all be made from 100% organic Beefalo meat. All beefalo are fertile, so neither sex needs to be bred back to their domestic cow or buffalo cousins to continue the species. Beefalo meat, like buffalo meat, is lower in fat and cholesterol than standard cow beef. It is also believed that raising beefalo is less detrimental to the environment than ranching cattle.

4. The Toast of Botswana


Goats and sheep are loosely related; they belong to different genus, so it’s rare for them to have successful offspring. Most goat/sheep hybrids are stillborn; however, in some rare instances, healthy, albeit infertile, offspring are born. One was born in 2000 in Botswana. Despite being infertile, the “Toast of Botswana,” as this animal was famously known, had such an overactive sex drive that it was given the nickname Bemya, which means “rapist.”

3. Mule


Mules, reputed for their stubbornness, are probably the most well-known creature listed, but not everyone realizes that they’re a hybrid between a horse and a donkey! Mules are manmade and infertile, so they can only be produced by mating horses and donkeys. Mules are often used as draft animals and are praised for their hard work and strength.

2. Blood Parrot Cichlid


Blood parrot cichlids are beautiful but unfortunate fish created by crossbreeding a midas cichlid with a redhead cichlid. They are controversial because they commonly come with a variety of genetic problems, such as a deformed mouth that makes feeding difficult, a compressed vertebrae, and deformed swim bladders which render them unable to swim properly. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the fish are naturally a either yellow, reddish-orange, or gray, but are commonly treated with chemical dyes to make them blue, pink, purple, or deep red. They are also sometimes tattooed. Other sellers cut their tails so the fish will grow to be heart-shaped, and will be sold as “heart parrots.” The majority of male blood parrot cichlids are male, but there are cases of offspring being produced from parents who are both blood parrots.

1. Manbearpig


I’m cereal. I’m super cereal.


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