The Weirdest Dating Sites Ever

Hello, internet. Recently (just in time for Valentine’s Day) I finally found a boyfriend. Not that most people reading this will give a shit. Anyway, almost everyone has heard of online dating sites such as and eHarmony, but what about the weird ones? My mother and I laughed our butts off when we saw the commercial for FarmersOnly. As for BlackPeopleMeet…the concept itself seems innocent, but there’s a double standard: nobody cares if there’s a website called BlackPeopleMeet, but if there was a WhitePeopleMeet, everyone would be up in arms. Then there are the ones that are just flat out ridiculous, like…

041 I’ll start out with one that’s relatively tame, because of course there’s a dating website for women of all classes to find a rich guy.


Zombie Passions. For the undead looking for a love that will never die. You can even search depending on what caused your zombieism, whether you’re a zombie from a toxic spill, a zombie from a mutated virus, or a zombie from a radioactive meteor.


For men (or women…I don’t wish to discriminate) who are literally willing to die for love and are prisoners of romance, check out Women Behind Bars.


Here’s how CanDoBetter apparently works: you put a picture of you and your bf/gf on this site, and the website decides which of you can do better. Then, whoever the site selects gets a profile.


Are you young at heart? Do you have trouble finding a date because people of the opposite (or same…once again, I wish not to discriminate) sex frequently tell you that you don’t act your age? Then DiaperMates might be for you.


No Longer Lonely: a dating website for people with a history of mental illness. Actually, I personally think that this is not a bad idea, because people with mental illnesses do need support.


This is 420 Dating. That’s right: there’s a dating website for marijuana aficionados.


Positive Singles…a dating site for people with STDs. Whether it’s herpes, HIV, or syphilis, if you come here, you’ll definitely find a “positive” match.


FurryMate. A dating website for furries. I…really have nothing else to say about it.

Happy Valentine’s Day…from the untame bottom of my heart.


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