10 Photos of Drunk Animals!* (Plus bonus squirrel video)

*Disclaimer: Please don’t ever give alcohol to animals (or crazy relatives.) Alcohol is extremely dangerous to pets. I am not condoning the activity of allowing animals to drink alcohol. I hope that these photos were just staged and that these animals didn’t actually drink anything.

I’m anxiously awaiting the New Year, and yes, I am staying up until midnight. Evidently, I’m not the only one excited for 2015.

1. A tiny hamster party.


2. This rabbit loves a cold one.


3. This cat prefers to party with class.


4. They’re not scary when they’re hungover.


5. Someone please call a taxi for this dog!


6. Polly want a cocktail? 


7. George is getting too curious…


8. No wonder ferrets sleep so much.


9. This Basset Hound wonders when he’ll ever find love. 


10. The after effects…


This is an actual clip of a squirrel who ate fermented pumpkin that was sitting outside someone’s house. I hope the squirrel was okay. Still, it’s adorable.


3 thoughts on “10 Photos of Drunk Animals!* (Plus bonus squirrel video)

  1. My dad drinks one time he asked me for a high five my brothers had to carry him to the house oh and it began at someone else’s house they were drinking and smoking they were really really really loud and funny but still people should not drink alcohol if you have any kids if you don’t have any you can because it would be really really really scary


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