10 Amusing Christmas Decorations

You could just cover a tree in garland, put a star on top of it, and string some lights around your gutter. Or you could go all out, like…

1. This Face House 


2. This person who totally agrees with their neighbor


3. This person who clearly doesn’t give a shit 


4. This person who knows the true meaning of Christmas 


5. This epic Starship Enterprise 


6. This awesome fireman 

images (1)

7. This Pacman 


8. This person who is clearly a fan of the holidays 


9. These people who are just letting the Grinch steal their Christmas 

funny-christmas-lights (1)

10. This person who…oh, no! Is Santa okay? I hope Christmas hasn’t been canceled! 


Merry Christmas from Untame Saluki!


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