16 Facts that Will Make You Grateful for Living in This World

Happy Thanksgiving, WordPress! Do you really want to be grateful? Well, here are sixteen reasons why you should be.

1. Jim Cummings (voice of Winnie the Pooh) calls hospitalized children with cancer. In Winnie’s voice, he tells them how much he loves them and how brave they are.


2. Japanese island Okunoshima is populated with relatively tame rabbits. The rabbits are wild, but they like to run up to people in hopes of a snack.

3. There is also an island in the Bahamas with swimming pigs.

4. People who were born blind smile even though they have never seen a smile…it’s a natural human expression.


5. Rats laugh when tickled.


6. Indiana State Prison has a program that allows inmates to adopt rescued cats. The photo below is of an actual Indiana State Prison inmate with a cat.


7. Astronaut Gene Cernan wrote his daughter’s initials on the moon. His daughter’s initials will be there for thousands of years.


8. A group of Pugs is called a “grumble.”


9. When you were born, just for a moment, you were the youngest person in the world.


10. Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is having the best day of their life.


11. In Sweden, there is a rabbit jumping competition.

12. The quokka is an Australian animal that has a perpetual smile on its face.


13. Squirrels have been known to adopt baby squirrels that are not their own if the baby’s parents disappear.


14. Unhatched chicks in eggs chirp at each other.


15. The elements that make up your body can be traced back to the start of the universe. Every atom in your body has a history dating to the Big Bang.


16. Despite a one in four billion chance of a specific sperm and egg meeting, you were born.


To all readers: Happy Thanksgiving from Untame Saluki.


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