The Most Awesome Holiday Gifts You Could Buy for People

I’m going to be honest and say that I’m already getting a little sick of Christmas commercials, considering that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Nonetheless, this is the time of year when people commence their holiday shopping. Whether you are buying gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, someone’s birthday, to cheer someone up, or just for the hell of it, here are the most awesome ideas for gifts (in my opinion.) I’d like to give credit to Vsauce2 of Youtube; his videos helped me find most of these products.

Light show fountain speakers. 

light show fountain speakers

For the music buff in your life, you can get these speakers, which also use water and colored light to put on an impressive show while music is playing. Too bad that I suck with technology, so connecting these to my laptop would probably be a pain in my ass.

Cards Against Humanity


Described as “a party game for horrible people.” If you like vulgar humor, this is the game for you.

Sprout Growing Pencils 

This is almost too awesome to exist.

This is almost too awesome to exist.

These dual-purpose pencils actually contain seeds that you can use to grow plants by sticking part of the pencil in good soil. No joke.

Diamond Candles


Each “diamond candle” costs about $25. They just look like average scented candles, but when the wax is melted, it reveals a genuine diamond ring at the bottom of every candle that can be worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000. How lucky do you think you are? (If you have a lot of patience, this is also a creative way to propose.) If I was ever given one of these, I’d try to burn it as much as I possibly could just to get to the ring faster.

Smart Mass Thinking Puddy 


Here are the colors it comes in glass, magnetic black hole, sunburst, twilight, Martian sea, dark matter, solar blue, oil slick, atomic bronze, atmosphere, time travel blue (pictured above) magnetic giant lizard green, and alien ooze. This isn’t just any Silly Putty. It’s “magnetic” putty. That’s right: it’s Silly Putty that interacts with metal. Here’s a video of it in action. (Disclaimer: this is not my video; it belongs to igor30 of Youtube.

The Unbasket Gift Basket


Pictured: The pickle-themed Unbasket Gift Basket. These creative gift baskets have various themes, including one that is video game themed, bacon themed, macaroni and cheese themed, and there’s even an “undead unbasket” for the zombie fanatic in your life.

Canned New York City Air


Canned New York City air. What else can I say about this?

Nuclear Soap


These are rainwater-scented, glow-in-the-dark soap bars with the atomic numbers, symbols, and names of radioactive elements on them (radium, uranium, and plutonium.) I like science, I like soap, and I like things that glow, so shut up and take my money!

Killer Bunny Slippers


Perfect for a fan of Monty Python.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Picture Frame 


Put your favorite memory into this picture frame. I don’t care how serious the picture is; any photo put in this picture frame will be absolutely hilarious beyond words.

Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle


Oh, hey, I actually managed to import a gif file.

Underwater Disco Ball



In case you have trouble seeing, the first picture is of the actual disco ball, and the second is of a person’s bathtub with the disco ball under the water.

Anatomical Chocolates

PPP  j5317 043

This is a chocolate box that you would either give to a doctor or a wannabe cannibal. And it includes a goddamn colon. If given one of these, I’d just dive right in for the brain, because I’m weird like that. But I don’t think I could keep down the colon.



I assure you that the above picture is not photoshopped. Gallium is a metal with a low melting point. In fact the melting point of gallium is so low that the heat generated by the human body could melt it.

The Gift of Philanthropy Heifer International is a charity specializing in helping hungry citizens of impoverished countries. More specifically, they donate animals. You can donate a goat, a cow, or a llama to a family in need. These animals provide meat, milk, clothing, and companionship.

Stay tuned for uplifting facts on Thanksgiving!


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